Regan's career in interior design has spanned over 22 years. Her approach is guided by the core belief that a client's home and work environment will enhance the quality and energy of their lives and productivity of their work. She specializes in tuning the energy in the environment to match the people living and working there, in addition to creating beautiful spaces. Her unique ability to combine design and energy creates a one of a kind footprint for every client.


Residential Work

Your home is a reflection of you - they way you think, the way you live and the way your feel. We can help you bring your vision into a reality and live in a balanced space of style and function.



Commercial  Work

Accurately reflecting your brand in your space provides a meaningful and emotional touch point with your customers.  Commercial design projects include the development of floor plans and focal brand messaging, signage, furniture, lighting and colour choices. 



Are you optimizing your sales potential with the space you have? Let us build a plan to help your business grow; includes your store front, store design, lighting, store layout, furnishings or fixtures, merchandise placement, displays, signs and graphics.

Timeless. Functional. Beautiful. 


Whether it is small or large the kitchen is the heart of home. It is where meals are created, it fuels the bodies, minds and souls of friends and family. Today's kitchen must be functional, beautiful and comfortable...ready to stand the test of time. 



Cozy. Comfortable. Durable. 


A well designed family room is a reflection of warmth and style. A cozy, comfortable and durable space can feel like a big hug. Combining practical furnishings with beautiful finishes provides the perfect backdrop for family fun for years to come. . 



Sleek. Sophisticated. Serene. 


Sleek and sophisticated or timeliness and traditional, the bathroom can be a space that provides a place to recharge and reset for the day. Simple yet beautiful features can invoke a spa-like feeling and stand the test the time. 


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