My 10 Tips for Inspired Shopping

One of the things that I absolutely love about being a designer is helping people shop for the items in their home. It can be tricky and at times overwhelming, the design/decorating process. I can remember a time when I felt like there was no place to shop in this city… and now there are so many great local shops and online options, not to mention HGTV, with all of its fantastic ideas! I would say that one of the most frequent things I hear is “ I see something that I like but I just don’t know what to do with it!” My goal is to empower my clients with confidence to really understand what they like and show them how to put it all together!

Here are a few of my go-to tips for purchasing:

1. Purchase your large investment pieces in a neutral color. Think about the color of men’s suits:
hues of black, grey, brown, beige, navy and white.

2. What makes designs timeless is your love for them , and nothing else!

3. A Punch of color is not always necessary, but if you forego colour , make sure you layer and use lots of texture!

4. Artwork should always make you smile :0)

5. If you don’t LOVE it, don’t BUY it!

6. Do some pre-shopping and notice the common threads in what you are attracted to.

7. Incorporate your passions into your home décor.

8. Photography is a great way to make cheap art!

9. Always SPLURGE on the pieces you know you can’t live without.

10. A home is a cocoon for your soul. Surround yourself with pieces that make your heart sing!

My motto is that if you buy what you love, chances are it will all work together, but If it doesn’t I’m here to help bridge the gap and add the secret sauce to make your home sing!