About Regan Leard Goodwin

"It is my mission to create an environment for my clients that is a union of style and functionality and gives each client more than they dream for themselves."

Regan's career has spanned over 22 years. Her approach is guided by the core belief that a client's home and work environment will enhance the quality and energy of their lives and productivity of their work. She specializes in tuning the energy in the environment to match the people living and working there, in addition to creating beautiful spaces. Her unique ability to combine design and energy creates a one of a kind experience for every client.

"Leaving my full time job to focus on my own business has been extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. I am very grateful to this business and this industry because it allows me to create, have fun, and to find balance in my personal life. Doing this type of work is extremely fulfilling, as no two days are ever the same and it allows me to bring joy people's lives every day."

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What's it like to work with Regan?

About a year ago, our family moved into our dream home, however it required some special touches. Design has never been my thing, sadly. Thankfully I was put in touch with Regan, the most amazing designer and person ever. Regan has the natural talent to see the perfect vision.
We find she takes into consideration our vision and family dynamic while meshing it with the vibe and feel of the home. She gives us direction and color palette all while staying in the function and flow of our lives. She is always happy to give us advice on something we see or find, or to send us ideas of things that she sees or finds that would be a cost-effective good fit. Let me just say that if she suggests it, my husband gets it done- so its a WIN-WIN LOL!
This process for us is still ongoing, however Regan has already brought us so far and it looks amazing.

Thank you SO much.
— The Randell Family, Porters Lake, NS
Home should be a relaxing, happy place. When you step in the door, you should feel a sense of being lighter from all the days events. That’s how I feel now after working with Inspired Minds Design. They not only took the time to learn my preferences such as colors and style, they took the time to learn the story I would like to tell when you walk in my front door. From big details to finishing accessories, they helped me make my home truly my happy place. There was no detail overlooked and their experience and professionalism helped me make those most important decisions. I would highly recommend them to anyone- whether starting from scratch building a home to giving it a refreshing new look, look no further than Inspired Minds Design.

Thank you, Regan
— The Pendlebury Family, Dartmouth, NS
Regan has done work for me the past 5 years in both personal and professional capacities. Her knowledge and attention to detail regenerated our Provincial Offices. She is phenomenal to deal with ans is an expert in her field, always taking the time to discuss and explain the process at all phases.
It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend her for both home and office design.
— Ingrid Foshay Murphy, CEO Provincial Government Credit Union
Aqua Naturals has had the pleasure of working with Regan for both design and merchandising. She supported my vision, listened, guided, and inspired my own creativity. Regan has a natural ability to bring a fresh approach to creative design!
— Jacqueline Rafuse, Owner, Aqua Naturals, Dartmouth NS