Regan's career has spanned over 22 years. Her approach is guided by the core belief that a client's home and work environment will enhance the quality and energy of their lives and productivity of their work. She specializes in tuning the energy in the environment to match the people living and working there, in addition to creating beautiful spaces. Her unique ability to combine design, business savvy, and energy creates a one of a kind experience for every client. Her focus has been largely on retail merchandising, family homes, and local businesses.


Residential Work

Is your home a reflection of you and your family?

It feels GREAT to live in a space that reflects the way you THINK, the way you LIVE and the way you FEEL. We can help you bring your vision into a reality and create a HOME that is a balanced space of style and function.


We do. And we get it. Designing for a family is our specialty. Sometimes its hard to agree, but we have the experience and know-how to help make decisions that much SMOOTHER and EASIER.



Commercial  Work

Does your space reflect what your business is about?

Accurately reflecting your brand in your space provides a MEANINGFUL and EMOTIONAL connection between you and your customers. Are you SHOWCASING your products to the best of their potential? 

Commercial projects can include the development of floor plans,merchandising, focal brand messaging, signage, furniture, lighting, colour choices, product assortment, custom photography and finishing touches to ensure that your VISION, your VOICE, and your WHY is reflected to your customers.



Are you optimizing your sales potential with the space you have? Is it time for CHANGE? Are you looking to IMPROVE your existing footprint?

RETAIL IS EXCITING! We would like to help you create a JOYFUL experience for you customers.

Let us build a plan to help your business GROW and CHANGE. This can include your store front, store design, lighting, store layout, furnishings or fixtures, merchandise placement, displays, signs and graphics.